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backtagging | Yes!!! I am very slow. Super sorry about that.
threadhopping | Go for it!
fourthwalling | Recognizing character names from the classic comics is alright. Any familiarity with Riverdale specifically, please no. While Archie is familiar with pop culture in canon, I'll mostly try to avoid direct fourth walling in threads myself unless permission for it is somewhere in the other character's journal!
offensive subjects | Blanket warning from me for dubcon. Archie was the victim of a sexual predator (a 34yo teacher, while he was 15-16) & in a physical relationship with her that only recently ended. More likely than not, it will come up in the meta narrative, because he has some pretty glaring emotional issues as a result of the whole affair. Underage drinking & sex could both be frequent-ish topics of discussion for him going forward, because towards the end of the season he uses both as a crutch to cope with the Stuff happening around him. Speaking of Stuff, a teenager's murder features prominently in the show, another teenager's attempted suicide appears later, both of which could in all possibility get mentioned because of how Archie was adjacent to/affected by them. On the flip side, don't worry about offending me, it's probably not gonna happen.


physical contact | Absolutely! Archie is a very physically affectionate guy.
flirting | Also absolutely, but tbh it's about a 50/50 chance whether he'll recognize it for what it is or be aggressively oblivious. It's basically all or nothing with him, whoops.
romance | Yes! Archie falls in love at least once a month. He has a Lot Of Feelings and he keeps most of them in his lips. He will kiss practically anything once.
fighting | I mean it will be over very fast because Archie has the mother of all glass jaws but sure!*
injuries or death | Injuries sure, but let's talk before anything serious. Death, no (for now, may revise.)*
mind reading/control | Go for it. Archie has no defenses against it.
*Just keep in mind his powerset (below): when he's wearing his letterman jacket he'll be invulnerable! I'm absolutely not opposed to separating him from it for the sake of a thread, though.


danger magnet | When Archie goes out looking for trouble, he will be able to find it. He will have a vague sense that he should be headed somewhere in particular when he's looking for crimes in progress (or whatever) to stop, even if he's never been there before. This ability has to be activated by intent, so he won't have any forewarning if, say, he were about to get sucker-punched, or if someone was getting kidnapped nearby but he wasn't actively looking for people to help.
safety jacket | Archie's letterman jacket is indestructible and when he wears it, that indestructibility transfers to him. He can't be physically harmed while it's on, but if someone tried they could probably pull it off him, or if he took it off (because Florida weather is so hot you guys wth), he would be just as vulnerable as any other absolutely not-combat-trained teenager. (Only works on him. He can't let someone else borrow his coat and have them become indestructible.)
team spirit | When Archie works alongside anyone—whether government assigned teams, an impromptu volunteer team at the site of a disaster, or something just like a group of his friends—towards a common goal, he will be able to run faster and hit harder. The more cohesive the group, the better his boost will get, up until the point of peak human performance, so at his strongest/fastest he'll be able to lift 500lbs over his head and sprint at about 30mph. This is activated specifically by striving to accomplish a goal (whether stopping crimes, rescuing people from burning buildings, winning a game of football or doing reconnaissance), so he won't be able to get a boost just for hanging out with friends/teammates at a party.


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